Induction Cooktops – What To Expect And What Not To

By | March 2, 2014

GE PHB925STSS Stainless Steel Induction / Convection Range

Over the past decade, induction cooktops have comprehensively made their way into the market and the kitchens. But the question that always comes up is whether this device is worth the hype (it sure is when you believe the induction reviews here).

Why would someone switch to a newer and in some cases costlier way of cooking if he/she is completely satisfied with the traditional cooking equipment? Here in this article we are going to discuss whether or not one should choose induction cooktop as the primary cooking option.

Pros: Induction cooktops are enjoying the hype and popularity due to the following reasons:

Safety: The first and most important point is safety. Induction cookers only heat up the utensil that is holding the food to be cooked and the rest of the area stays insulated. Thus accidentally burning yourself is not possible. For the same reason, you will never manage to electrocute yourself with this device.

Comfort: Unlike traditional gas cookers, induction cooktops do not radiate extra heat around the cooking area thus keeps the environment comfortable. You can cook the most complicated dishes without breaking a sweat.

Reduced Utility Bills: Induction cooktops use much less electricity as compared to electric cookers. When you compare the electricity bill at the end of the month with the gas bill of traditional ovens, your pocket will surely be happy.

Design And Portability: Due to their sleek designs, induction cooktops are very portable. You can carry them anywhere and plug it in to start cooking. Thus they are great choices for outdoor camping too. All you need is a power source.

Cons: Although the pros can easily sway your decision, there are a few shortcomings as well.

Separate Utensils: Since the top of induction cookers are insulated, the utensils used suitable for these cooktops are made of different materials than normal cookware. Many modern induction cooktops nowadays support regular utensils as well.

Expensive:  This device is costlier than normal gas or electric stoves.

If you want even more information and in depth analysis about induction cooktops then you should go through the best possible induction cooktop reviews. It will help you make your decision.