Improve The Quality Of Water By Using The Appropriate Water Filter

By | March 16, 2014

new-wave-enviroWater plays a vital role in our daily lives and consuming water of the highest quality should be an aim at all times. However, choosing the best out of the numerous water filters in the market can be a tedious work at times. Therefore, this article is all about choosing the right filter for pure and clean water thereby reducing the confusion for an easy pick.

The water filtration system can broadly be categorized into three segments namely Countertop water filtration, Under the sink water filters and Whole house water treatment. Here, we will take a broad and informative look at the best Countertop water filters available in the market.

Countertop water filtration:

Some of the best countertop water filters in the market are:

  • Big Berkey Water Filter-2 (click) – This water filter is rated one of the topmost water purifiers. This water purifier is an all-rounder as it helps in getting rid of all types of toxic impurities and in turn leaves the water fresh and odorless. This water filter is a portable one so it can be carried while away on camping besides its usefulness inside the house.
  • New Wave Enviro 10-Stage Water Filter (click)- The name itself tells us that this water filter has ten stages of water filtrating system and thus leave us with no doubt about the type of purified water it delivers. The design of the filter is such that it will appropriately fit to the side of a sink and the cartridges are needed to be changed only after one thousands and five hundred gallons of water is filtered.
  • Culligan FM-15A Faucet Water Filter (click) – This filter is manufactured by the renowned company Culligan and sold at a reasonable price. However, the hitch is that compared to the expensive ones it will not purify each and every contaminant. This water filter is capable of reducing odor and bad taste of water to a maximum level thereby gaining its popularity. Due to its reasonable pricing, one can have this filter at every water outlets of his house.

The above cited names will definitely help you to pick the best water filters for your home and let you enjoy odorless, purified and fresh drinking water. Keep researching more till you find the best one.