Delta 9159-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet – A Short Review

By | March 16, 2014

Delta9159ARDSTThere was a time when kitchen faucets and faucets in general were largely ignored when it come to decorating the house. Nowadays the trend has changed a lot and the Delta 9159-AR-DST has very quickly managed to become the apple of many families’ eyes despite tough competition from many other brands and styles.

The Delta 9159-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet provides a contemporary look. The sleek design of this single handle pull down faucet helps it to enhance the beauty of your kitchen without taking too much of space, and the long arched design keeps enough area in your sink to work on.

The technical excellence this faucet has rendered is the Magnatite docking system which keeps the spray wand magnetically attached to the dock when not in use. But the biggest and most astonishing feature that the manufacturer offers is the use of real diamonds to coat the inner surface of the faucet to help it survive more than 5 million usages.

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