Cut Down On Your Water Bill By Buying The Correct Toilet

By | April 19, 2014

toiletsBuying the correct toilet can easily help you cut down on your monthly water bills. There are certain models out there in the market that flush down the regular wastes using minimal water. Let’s find out how they work.

The Dual flush toilets are the best bets in this regard. They have a low flush button that is used to get rid of liquid waste and the heavy flush option is used to take care of solid waste. The low flush uses 1 Gallon or less water per flush and less than 1.6 Gallons or less water per heavy flush as per the EPA guidelines.

High Efficiency or HET toilets that come with WaterSense technology use the least amount of water as they employ different unique flushing technologies to get rid of wastes more effectively using less water. Next time when you go shopping for a new toilet, keep this information in mind.

To finish things off, you could use a washlet or bidet seat for optimal comfort. They may cost a bit more than a regular toilet seat but are well worth the money.