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Air Compressor Tips and Ideas for the Clueless

What can you do with an air compressor? Well, there are so many things that you can do with it. You can use it to power up your car or inflate the swimming pool toy of your kids, use it for nailing (more on that here) or for impact wrenches. Whatever reason you’re getting an air compressor, it’s essential that you choose a portable model that’s built to last.

It’s also important to consider its size and how you’re going to store it. Do you have enough space in your house to keep it when not in use?


air compressorsAn air compression unit is rated on various factors. PSI is one of the factors considered when rating a unit, which is the amount of air pressure being delivered by the machine. Of course, the higher the number, the greater the amount of air the unit can withstand. With that in mind, the more air can be compressed.

In addition to PSI, an air compression unit is also rated through its CFM or cubic feet per minute. It’s the volume of air a unit can pump per minute at a particular pressure. If the unit has high CFM, then it means that it can provide more air each minute. You can use it for larger jobs.

The horsepower of the unit is also rated. The higher the number, the more capable it is in handling larger workload. Most of the time, a unit with higher HP also comes with higher PSI.

Choosing the right air compressor

It’s not easy. You’ll need to check your powered tools to know what type of air compressor can handle them. To be sure, choose a unit that has the highest CFM and highest PSI.
For most purposes it’s also wise to choose a model that’s portable. This is especially true if you constantly use it for roofing projects or car maintenance.

Source: Air Compressor Spy