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How Does a Microwave Oven Actually Cook Food?

Microwave ovens are being used by thousands to millions of people worldwide. In fact, it’s been considered as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It’s a very useful appliance that can make your life easier in the morning, especially when you’re already running late for work.

This ubiquitous appliance can cook any type of food in a shorter period of time. You just need to place the food in a safe container, put it inside this oven and wait for it to be cooked. Some of the offices even have this appliance so their employees can use them to quickly prepare their snack or lunch.

How a microwave oven cooks food?

Microwave OvenMicrowave cooking is not the same as the cooking method used by a conventional oven, and this goes even more for microwaves with convection technology. This type of oven utilizes radio wave to penetrate the food and convection means that the air is pushed around the microwave. It excites the water and fat molecules in the food to cook it evenly and unlike conventional oven, the heat doesn’t migrate through the use of conduction.

When you turn this oven on, there will be heat everywhere as the result of the molecules being triggered. However, microwaving does have some limitations. For instance, when you cook thick pieces of food, the heat doesn’t penetrate evenly. This is because it doesn’t conduct heat, rather it excites the atom.

Some models are better than others in this regard and it’s definitely advisable to check a few convection oven reviews online
The air inside this appliance is at room temperature. Thus, you won’t expect it to form a crust when cooking. When you bake using this oven, you need to put the food inside a sleeve before putting it inside.